BBBM – Its Bloody Ironic

Technically, I have not been stalking Big Booty, Big Money owner and designer, Evelyn Edelman.

OK, I have spent alot of time in her store and I do have every design she has ever released. So it was only fitting that on yet another visit to the store, Evelyn was there and agreed to answer some of my inane questions.

Evelyn started BBBM around March this year. She says she likes to “juxtapose the ugly with the lovely” in her designs. I would argue that her designs are more lovely than ugly.

Take a look at the recently released Bloodyseeker dress (which by the way also comes in the non-bloody version). As you are led away (admittedly in handcuffs), with the evidence of your crime all over your dress, at least you can be assured that you do so looking absolutely fabulous!

What I love about BBBM is that the designs are imaginative, edgy and not your run of the mill. If you are into following babydoll trends then I can safely say that these outfits are probably not for you. If you are about smart, creative and unusual designs then head to BBBM.

According to Evelyn “Its all about irony”. Seriously. More importantly, her designs are very affordable ranging from L$50 to L$150 for an outfit.

Details: Skin: TaP Vivant Chestnut Kyoko 1; BBM Dresses: Top Pic = Bloodseeker Dress; Bottom Left to Right Pics: Zygote Tiger Dress, Dark Glass Dress, Dormant Dress, Adouccisement Dress; Shoes: BF MaryJane Flats


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