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Winter Fashion Showcase Today!

Winter Fashion Showcase.  Join us for a fabulous fashion show featuring top designers, LeeZu! and *OC* Orage Creations this afternoon, Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 11am SLT at Burbank Studios.  SLURL    (follow the red arrow)

You don’t wanna miss it!!!

Showcase Poster


MODA Contest…. Hurry! deadline soon

MODAcowPoster01a png

By MODA Productions

Who?    Open to everyone in SL
Deadlines:      September 1st MODA COW CONTEST Begins
September 23rd  11:59pm SLT – MODA COW CONTEST Deadline
September 30th  7pm SLT – MODA COW CONTEST Judging
October 12th  7:30pm SLT LIVE FINALS on
Prize:   Gift Scholarship to MODA Modeling School for you or for a friend
–    Cows may: change color, music, dance, sounds, wear clothes, become a major part of something else
–    Cows MUST retain their MODA Logos
–    All cows will become the property of MODA
–    Judging Semi-Finals will begin at 7pm SLT on September 30th.   Judges will wear each cow and rate them individually based on the following criteria: Originality, Creativity, Style and Ability to Entertain.  Entrants are welcome but need not be present during Judging Semi-Finals.
–    All Entrants will be notified of the contest status on Friday, October 2nd, 2009
–    Finalists will be encouraged to attend Final Judging at the MODA Spotlight event on October 12th, 2009.  A limited number of guests will be also welcome.
How to enter:
1.    Pick up a Contest Entry Form at the MODA Spotlight Studio (click for landmark/ SLURL ) Read completely the full Rules and Regulations.  Return completed Contest Entry form to the MODA Mailbox, also located at the MODA Spotlight Studio.
2.    Entrants will receive a full-perm MODA cow upon receipt of entry forms.
3.    Rename your cow “MODA COW CONTEST – <your name>”
4.    Return completed entries to:
5.    Contest Deadline is September 23rd , 2009 at 11:59pm SLT.  Any cows turned in after that time will not be entered in the contest.


26 AUGUST 2009


Contact: Lovis Timeless, Noni Abeyante, MODA Modeling School

MODA Modeling School presents graduating students in MODA FASHION SHOWCASE ————————————————————————————————

Join us Friday, August 28th at 7pm SLT for a fashion show spotlighting recent graduates of MODA Modeling School featuring designers Kallyfaith Rolland of KP Designs and Sevenstar Amat of Stitch by Stitch. Hosted by MODA Spotlight host and DJ Harlee Lane. We hope you will join us to congratulate Indigosky Escape, Miaa Rebane, Rochelle Randt and Katrinah Lorefield for their dedication and hardwork. They have consistently demonstrated a professional attitude and willingness to learn the skills necessary to be a top notch model in SL.

Date: Friday, August 28, 2009

Time: 7:00pm SLT and dancing immediately after


To get more information on MODA Modeling School and fill out an application:


Visit our website for more information on MODA Productions:


Almost Summer Showcase

MODA Modeling School will once again showcase new graduates in a fashion show today, May 30th at 1:00pm SLT.  Graduates will take the stage in “Almost Summer Showcase” featuring designers Sam’s Secret, Chez Gabrielle and Lady Thera.  Immediately following is a party celebrating their hard work and dedication to learn all they can about modeling.  You are all welcome to attend and celebrate with us.

Congratulations to our newest graduates, Star Thiemem and Nezsy Herstein.  They put in a lot of time and hard work.  Returning to receive their certificates are Love Kawaguichi, Kimber Kassner, Amariah Francis and Rhiannalynn Lane.  These four ladies are doing a fantastic job as models on MODA Spotlight and working with top agencies.

DJ Harlee will be spinning the tunes on the beach.  Put your swimsuits on and join us at 1:00pm SLT at the MODA Production Break of Dawn Sim.


Phoenix Rising Debutes in Hi-Def on TreetTV

MODA Fashion Spotlight will showcase designs from Phoenix Rising by Ashoka Eales this Monday, April 19th at 7:30pm SLT on Treet.TV . We are proud to present Phoenix Rising in our first show on Treet.TV in Hi-Definition. Each week, MODA Fashion Spotlight features exciting and creative designers.  MODA makes your shopping easy by offering you previews of designers and fashions.  Watch Treet.TV and stay in fashion!

Below is one of the outfits featured in the show called Leo’s Pride. Leo’s Pride is the latest design by Ashoka Eales. It comes in 3 versions and you can wear it as a slim gown, a formal ball gown or as a casual pants set. The outfit also comes with 2 types of pants and belts complete with collar accessory and bracelet. Leo’s Pride is the perfect ensemble to expand your wardrobe with one outfit.


<Model: Lovis Timeless, MODA Runway Coach>


MODA Modeling School Graduates Showcase

MODA Modeling School graduates for March will take to the catwalk for the first time in their own fashion showcase wearing the fabulous designs from OC Designs, MEB Designs and Babydoll.  The graduates have been a pleasure to work with and devoted countless hours to launch their modeling career with confidence, their own style and professional attitude. Join us on Tuesday, March 17th at 7:00pm SLT and welcome to the catwalk Amariah Francis, Kimber Kassner, Love Kawaguichi, Raylina Darkstone and Rhiannalynn Lane on Tuesday, March 17th at 7:00pm SLT at the MODA Showcase  sim. 



Fashioning Your Shadow

“It’s the hidden, less-examined, and less developed part of us that we don’t want to admit is there, within us”

is Linda Seger’s definition for the Shadow in her book Making a Good Writer Great. Being a writer, she recommends that you connect with your Shadow through writing.

But I have a better way, and if you’re reading this blog you probably do too: Second Life. Is there a side of you that has to live in your public shadow? Have you had to be the “good girl”, the “responsible one”, the “disciplinarian” or the “giver” all your life? Is there a part of you that NEEDS expression? As Seger goes on to say,

“Not all of the qualities are fundamentally negative. . . . Many people would consider spontaneity and impulsiveness just as important as being responsible and disciplined.”

My job is filled with rules. There are rules regarding the data I transfer from one system to another, the way transactions are handled, the computer users who are allowed to use them, and the way the transactions are summarized and presented to the public. My approach to implementing a system is governed by another set of rules as is the whole profession to which I belong. There are times when I just want to shout, “no more rules!”

So, when I created the character Licentious, I decided he would not be governed by rules. He could be irresponsible if he chose. He could bend, fold, mutilate and spindle the rules if he wanted to. What did it turn out that he wanted most to do? He wanted to write. He wanted to be spontaneous and try something he’d never done before. Funny thing: I came to like and admire my Shadow.

How do you feel about yours? As the old time radio show goes: “Only the Shadow knows for sure.”

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