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Swimming with Mer Betta



You’d Better Watch Out!

J. Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie probably thought this song was funny when they wrote it in 1934. Parents within reach of the radio thought so too, that a pair of musicians would give them such an easy tool to train kids with. It used to be they’d have to find


creative ways to threaten kids just a few bars will do, and children everywhere are instantly good, if only for an instant. I’m not saying kids are good either, because they’re not good or they wouldn’t need songs like this to scare them into submission.

Every time I think of this song “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” I think of stalkers and how parents who use that song to control young children are sending the message that it’s ok to be looking over your shoulder in fear.


You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town

Even scarier is the message saying that if they pout or cry they will not get anything for Christmas. The song makes Santa sound like the Grim Reaper who stalks little kids and who knows what he does with them?

He’s making a list
And checking it twice;
Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice
Santa Claus is coming to town

So now not only are you not allowed to do naughty things, you are not allowed to learn from your mistakes, and you cannot be forgiven because Santa Clause is keeping a list. If I really gave a shit I would have killed myself by now! For every time I broke into the kitchen and stole Santa’s cookies, left my shoes outside or said a bad word under my breath, I should have been in purgatory, or worse, by the time I was 8.


He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!


Just the thought of someone watching me sleep gives me the willies. Why would anyone put that on their kids? It’s one thing to believe that mom has eyes in back of her head because she catches you in a lie but to think that some guy you don’t even know is keeping tabs is beyond creepy. I can see the part about being bad or good, I mean, sometimes kids make poor judgment calls just to see what would happen if they don’t get caught, like squishing pollywog guts or pushing the stove buttons, that’s kind of naughty, but what about the times when I was told to clean my room and I did, with hair spray because it looked like the stuff mom cleans with? How would anyone know but me if that was passive-aggressive payback for cutting into my play time?

Santa’s probably a decent guy, I mean, he does let kids sit on his lap in malls all over the world. I can only imagine the bio suit that man must wear underneath the fake (ie.washable) furry red thing. No wonder he always looks fat. Kids are supposed to love Santa Claus, because he’s nice, and brings them things, and a lot of songs and stories have been written about this man. I used to like the guy too until he stopped bringing me toys. That’s when I decided he might not have been as nice as I thought. Besides, it’s a lot easier to be naughty when you know some old chubby guy isn’t watching you in your sleep.


MODA Fashion Showcase feat. MODA Graduates, Leezu & OC Designs


Moda Winter Showcase on Saturday, December 5 @ 11AM SLT

We are going to have an absolutely fabulous showcase this time, we have awesome graduates, alongside with our spotlight models.  We are showcasing LEEZU and *OC* Orage Creations!  We are going to ROCK this runway Saturday.  The show is going to be again on Saturday, December 5, 2009 @ 11 AM SLT, at our wonderful Burbank Studios.  If you can find it, check the Map and type in Burbank Place, and then go to the showcase area which is to the right of the Spotlight Studios.

Showcase Poster


Tonight on MODA Fashion Spotlight

MODA Fashion Spotlight features fashion from designers in Second Life. In 30 minutes our models will you what the best of the best are wearing. Watch us LIVE at Mondays at 7:30pm SLT.

Tonight’s show features fashions from **DD Style **

**DD Style **
Is a brand dedicated to women who are aware of their personality and their femininity, for women with a gear more …
Being amazing and the center of attention is the purpose of women who wear Dadina Dosei. “DD Style” is a tribute to luxury and elegance, evening dresses for
many but not for all, but also refinement and fanciful, sophisticated clothes for every day.
DD Style is a tribute to femininity, where the lace inlaid with floral embroidery, sequins and silk designs new profiles of seduction. Colors, embroidery, lengths, prints, in a word, “DD Style” is fashion.

Each cloth is personally designed by the stylist who, with thoroughness and creativity, proposed to an international market. Every outfit wants to express the sensuality of the people who wear them. Python prints, irregular cuts, transparency, for an aggressive woman , sure of herself but always sexy. For the woman who knows what she wants … and always reaches her goal! The novelty in ** DD Style ** is the introduction of a line For Men … The man who wears DD Style is a man with clear ideas, spontaneous and very very sexy and careful for the details.  He doesn’t love to be unnoticed and he’s not afraid to express what he feels. For a passionate man , always sure of himself! Dresses by sartorial craftsmanship, unique and eccentric clothes, real works of art ….

**DD Style *** The dream is now reality.


MODA Fashion Spotlight feat. Dollyrock


Shelby Robbiani

Love Kawaguichi

Opal Lei

Kimber Kassner

Amariah Francis

Rhiannalynn Lane


Harlee Lane

Nyte Vargas

DollyRock was founded by Cherry Cheevers in October 2006. There is a common misconception that the name, DollyRock, is linked to a famous country singer but Cherry chose the name after some deliberation in an effort to find something that was unique and gave a feeling of what she was hoping to achieve in Second Life.
DollyRock sounded like fun!
Cherry’s natural inclination was always for the sexier style of clothing, the lacy tops and tiny skirts that were always popular with customers many of whom worked in the entertainment industry within Second Life. As her business has grown so has Cherry’s range and she prides herself on the variety available in the main store which ranges from business suits to latex body suits, from formal gowns to bunny costumes and everything in between. The recent changes in Second Life inspired a new line and store DollyRock Xtreme, for the more outrageous, which can be found at Kuradov, on the new adult continent Zindra.
Cherry is amazed and humbled at the success of DollyRock and the loyalty and kindness of her customers many of whom are now friends. The DollyRock Diva group, now on Subscribe-o-matic, has almost 8,000 members and is growing every day. Join us for the all the latest news, releases and bargains.

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