Tonight on MODA Fashion Spotlight

MODA Fashion Spotlight features fashion from designers in Second Life. In 30 minutes our models will you what the best of the best are wearing. Watch us LIVE at http://www.treet.tv/live Mondays at 7:30pm SLT.

Tonight’s show features fashions from **DD Style **

**DD Style **
Is a brand dedicated to women who are aware of their personality and their femininity, for women with a gear more …
Being amazing and the center of attention is the purpose of women who wear Dadina Dosei. “DD Style” is a tribute to luxury and elegance, evening dresses for
many but not for all, but also refinement and fanciful, sophisticated clothes for every day.
DD Style is a tribute to femininity, where the lace inlaid with floral embroidery, sequins and silk designs new profiles of seduction. Colors, embroidery, lengths, prints, in a word, “DD Style” is fashion.

Each cloth is personally designed by the stylist who, with thoroughness and creativity, proposed to an international market. Every outfit wants to express the sensuality of the people who wear them. Python prints, irregular cuts, transparency, for an aggressive woman , sure of herself but always sexy. For the woman who knows what she wants … and always reaches her goal! The novelty in ** DD Style ** is the introduction of a line For Men … The man who wears DD Style is a man with clear ideas, spontaneous and very very sexy and careful for the details.  He doesn’t love to be unnoticed and he’s not afraid to express what he feels. For a passionate man , always sure of himself! Dresses by sartorial craftsmanship, unique and eccentric clothes, real works of art ….

**DD Style *** The dream is now reality.


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