MODA Fashion Spotlight feat. Dollyrock


Shelby Robbiani

Love Kawaguichi

Opal Lei

Kimber Kassner

Amariah Francis

Rhiannalynn Lane


Harlee Lane

Nyte Vargas

DollyRock was founded by Cherry Cheevers in October 2006. There is a common misconception that the name, DollyRock, is linked to a famous country singer but Cherry chose the name after some deliberation in an effort to find something that was unique and gave a feeling of what she was hoping to achieve in Second Life.
DollyRock sounded like fun!
Cherry’s natural inclination was always for the sexier style of clothing, the lacy tops and tiny skirts that were always popular with customers many of whom worked in the entertainment industry within Second Life. As her business has grown so has Cherry’s range and she prides herself on the variety available in the main store which ranges from business suits to latex body suits, from formal gowns to bunny costumes and everything in between. The recent changes in Second Life inspired a new line and store DollyRock Xtreme, for the more outrageous, which can be found at Kuradov, on the new adult continent Zindra.
Cherry is amazed and humbled at the success of DollyRock and the loyalty and kindness of her customers many of whom are now friends. The DollyRock Diva group, now on Subscribe-o-matic, has almost 8,000 members and is growing every day. Join us for the all the latest news, releases and bargains.

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