MODA says yes to Step Up!

StepUpsmOver the years MODA has chosen to remain politically neutral on the many social and legal issues that have graced the Second Life grid.  This issue of content theft, however, has gone too far.  There have been times which, during the initial emergence of competing modeling schools, MODA had to fight strongly against blatant content theft.  It was never easy, but we learned that as originators, it remains our position to continue raising the bar both in quality and originality. Rather than bring light upon the impending drama that pursued us, we picked up and moved forward, fast and furious, and we will continue to do so.

Meanwhile, our friends, partners and supporters who suffer copyright infringement do not have such luxury. Our fashion designers, ad and text creators, teachers, mentors, our skinners, our accessory designers, builders, are alone in their work. MODA can step up, we are a strong and talented team, most cannot and they need our support. Theft might be a game for those who play in virtual words, but for those who work to create your virtual environment, theft hurts, and it hurts all of us. Join MODA in our effort to support Step Up! You can show your support. Just by stop in at the MODA Spotlight Recording Studio, click on the box and wear your Step Up! Ribbon

Amazing promo video by Toxicmenges !


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