MODA Contest…. Hurry! deadline soon

MODAcowPoster01a png

By MODA Productions

Who?    Open to everyone in SL
Deadlines:      September 1st MODA COW CONTEST Begins
September 23rd  11:59pm SLT – MODA COW CONTEST Deadline
September 30th  7pm SLT – MODA COW CONTEST Judging
October 12th  7:30pm SLT LIVE FINALS on treet.tv
Prize:   Gift Scholarship to MODA Modeling School for you or for a friend
–    Cows may: change color, music, dance, sounds, wear clothes, become a major part of something else
–    Cows MUST retain their MODA Logos
–    All cows will become the property of MODA
–    Judging Semi-Finals will begin at 7pm SLT on September 30th.   Judges will wear each cow and rate them individually based on the following criteria: Originality, Creativity, Style and Ability to Entertain.  Entrants are welcome but need not be present during Judging Semi-Finals.
–    All Entrants will be notified of the contest status on Friday, October 2nd, 2009
–    Finalists will be encouraged to attend Final Judging at the MODA Spotlight event on October 12th, 2009.  A limited number of guests will be also welcome.
How to enter:
1.    Pick up a Contest Entry Form at the MODA Spotlight Studio (click for landmark/ SLURL ) Read completely the full Rules and Regulations.  Return completed Contest Entry form to the MODA Mailbox, also located at the MODA Spotlight Studio.
2.    Entrants will receive a full-perm MODA cow upon receipt of entry forms.
3.    Rename your cow “MODA COW CONTEST – <your name>”
4.    Return completed entries to:
5.    Contest Deadline is September 23rd , 2009 at 11:59pm SLT.  Any cows turned in after that time will not be entered in the contest.


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