Phoenix Rising Debutes in Hi-Def on TreetTV

MODA Fashion Spotlight will showcase designs from Phoenix Rising by Ashoka Eales this Monday, April 19th at 7:30pm SLT on Treet.TV . We are proud to present Phoenix Rising in our first show on Treet.TV in Hi-Definition. Each week, MODA Fashion Spotlight features exciting and creative designers.  MODA makes your shopping easy by offering you previews of designers and fashions.  Watch Treet.TV and stay in fashion!

Below is one of the outfits featured in the show called Leo’s Pride. Leo’s Pride is the latest design by Ashoka Eales. It comes in 3 versions and you can wear it as a slim gown, a formal ball gown or as a casual pants set. The outfit also comes with 2 types of pants and belts complete with collar accessory and bracelet. Leo’s Pride is the perfect ensemble to expand your wardrobe with one outfit.


<Model: Lovis Timeless, MODA Runway Coach>


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