A Rainey Day

What better thing to do on a rainy day than go shopping? Rainey Paderborn is a MODA student, who has definitely found her groove. I will never look at Burberry the same way again!

When you have all the Lindens in the world, looking good is easy. The real challenge is not only looking good, but fabulous on a budget!

I put together the following look and have gotten so many compliments and inquiries about it, that I want to share it with you, dear friend and reader. It’s one that will take you from business to the club, so you can be out all day without having to change. Although in Second Life changing and freshening up is never the problem it is irl!

The foundation of the outfit is LuhNee Hyun’s Burberry dress by Infinite 8, available at SL Exchange for L$49.00! The shape is slimming and flattering and the Burberry Check is instantly recognizable and to die for! It comes with glitch pants and a system skirt so you may want to use poses which won’t stretch the material too far! And despite the slimming effect, every woman in SL knows how system skirts make our butts look, so you may want to mod your shape a bit for this…

Since the weather is turning a little cooler (ok, it really isn’t but any excuse to accessorize!) I paired Kat Palmer’s *IMT* Elizabeth Shrug – Burnt Orange with the dress. There’s a very delicate and subtle texture used, as well as flexi prim cuffs. At L$ 60.00 from SL Ex, not only is it a steal, when you consider that you have a to die for look already for L$109.00 it doesn’t get better than that!

Matching handbag and shoes were a must for me, and yes, SL Ex continued to provide! Eme Buchanan’s JDC – Handbag – Cream Tartan Purse w/ bling, is totally darling and comes with anims and a voice command for bling on and off. Compared to the outfit so far it’s more expensive at L$125.00, but we’ve saved so much money by shopping smart that this little indulgence can be justified!

Good shoes are always key and Tesla Miles has created absolutely must have Sculpted Prim Burberry Super Heels. Coming yet again from SL Ex at L$200.00, the sculptie shoes have a total of 3 prims and the heels are extra high to provide definition to the calves.

So now you have a wonderfully classy outfit, shopped from the comfort of wherever you want to be without flitting from place to place in-world and dealing with lag or failed tp’s. You’ve also done it for less than L$500.00!

To quote the makeover show….how do I look?

I put the outfit together because I heard that the new Gossip Girl sim was a faithful recreation of Manhattan’s Upper East Side and I couldn’t resist a photo op outside Helen Bernel !

I hope you had as much fun with this as I did, dear friend and reader.
Take care and stay safe, sweetie ❤


Shape: Model’s own. I am a professional shape crafter, co owner of To Die For! specializing in high end shapes and custom AV consultation
Skin: Sonia-tan-night by INSOLENCE
Hair: Armidi Hair – The Milano – Blonde
Eyes: Radiant Green lenses by Joannah Cramer
Jewelry: MQ – Chinese Inlaid Jade – White Jade “Love” Set (SLX) by Mezzanine Qi
Nails: FGXN000u(natural gloss) by Second Skin Labs


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