Satin Allure

This is Pansy Peccable’s first post as a MODA Modeling School student. I’m sure it won’t be her last! -ed.

I am delighted to have become a student at the MODA Modeling School in Second Life. After only one class, I can say that I am both impressed and challenged by the intensity of the program. But then, I expect the very same of the profession of modeling itself.

Lydia Sands, owner of Boutique Lovely, actually gave me my start into this adventure. Having considered me pretty enough to shoot for some of her ads, I’ve learned quite a lot already, not the least of which is how much work modeling really is. Yes, it is fun, but a lot more goes into it than I could have fathomed.

I’ll never forget my first real photo shoot with Lydia. I had put on my prettiest, newest hair and shape, of course, but as we got started Lydia told me to change it. When I asked if she didn’t think it was pretty she replied, “We’re here to sell lingerie, not your pretty hair!” I could only laugh, and yes, I totally got that.

I still have much to learn, thus my enrollment in MODA. But I am quite serious and dedicated to fully exploring this world of SL modeling, helping to sell my employer’s fashions, and having as much fun as possible along the way.

(Photo provided with permission of Lydia Sands – model Pansy Peccable)

The “Satin Allure” lingerie set featured in the photo has a beautiful floral lace contrasted against a rich black satin texture. Very sexy set, containing bra, panties and thong. It’s also available in an extended set with flexi cami and stockings.


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