Mel Tells . . .

Mel Fitzcarraldo is a welcome addition to the MODA team. Not only does he have a well developed . . . er . . . sense of humor, but he also is a fine modeling student.

Well, since Licentious begg…er, I mean plead…er I mean asked if I would do some reviews here, here is my premier post for the MODA fashion blog! (Actually it’s an honor to be included among such talented people in the SL fashion industry!) Earlier I posted here about my excursion today to Aitui when I got the notice they were having a huge sale on older tattoos that are going to be replaced next month with their new line. So, ok, yes I did look around at their other offerings, I mean, why not while you’re there? And yes, I did manage to pick up a few other things besides tattoos while I was there. For instance, take a look at these thermal shirts. It’s getting a bit nippy outside when I leave for work in the morning, even here in the South where I live. Shirts like these would be great to keep me warm, comfortable and looking good, too bad there’s a dress code.

The Service Thermal (black) sports a unique, futuristic symbol on the chest.

The Somewhere Thermal (rust) has what looks to almost be a bloodstain across the abdomen and an interlocking circle design on the right pectoral.

The Grey Striped Thermal has dusky, faded grey stripes, looking like you’re ready to board a tramp steamer or head off on a fishing trauler.

All of the thermals have the corregated thick cloth texture that just makes you feel warm. The niftiest feature is the sleeve extension that looks like you’ve been pulling down your sleeves to open the car door on those cold mornings.

The thermals are jacket-layer only and the sleeve extensions are on the glove layer.
Make sure to get by Aitui soon before the discontinued tattoos are gone for good, and have a look around while you’re there.


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