October Showcase


Miss Direction:
the MODA October Fashion Showcase is at 6:00 pm sl time on October 25 at Fashion (183, 49, 37). Come and watch as the experienced MODA models join the graduates, with our guest host, Coloradocowboy Manen. ColoradoCowboy Manen, a DJ usually known for his smooth voice and country and western music, but with a hidden talent for high energy fashion shows, will be providing the music and commentary for the show. Date: October 25 – 6 pm – 8 pm

Confirmed designers include:

Annie’s Costumes
– This RL costume designer has brought all of their creative experience to give you the full Hallowe’en treatment. From sexy to scary, Annie’s has the full line to make your avatar the hit of the party. Every day is Hallowe’en at Annie’s. http://extremehalloween.blogspot.com

Pretty Magic – Just in time for Hallowe’en, Mona Howitt brings you the finest in Hogwarts fashion.She is a Second Life fashion designer and Hogwarts student. Her products extend from medieval clothes, gowns, cloaks over accessories like hats and glasses (“Pretty MAGIC”) to modern pyjamas and sleepwear (“Finally”) and are sold at Winterfell, Wizard’s Alley and Pando. http://prettymagic.blogspot.com/

Crucial Creations -Crucial Armitage has designed detailed jeans, leather pants, metal and mesh outfits, chaps and boots for everyone. Men will love standing out in Crucial’s Casual Male line that includes finely textured shirts and striking outfits. Women will feel confident and alluring in Crucial’s sexy leather and lace outfits, various skirts, bikinis, and blouses for all occasions. Crucial also has a wide variety of shoes and boots in all styles and colors. http://www.crucialcreationsinsl.com/fashion/

Pizazz! – Lynuor Richelieu has just burst on the Second Life scene. After spending years as a real life costume designer, she has unleashed her new fashion line for men and women at LeftBank Studios (116,95,40). Filled with youthful elegance, these clothes are sure to please.

Everyone welcome!


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