New Faces at FACES

Congratulations to Yumi Darkes and Makeda Cole, two of the MODA models who were chosen in the Faces modeling contest. Pictured at right is Makeda with moi in an unposed snap, while underneath is Yumi.

Both of these talented models have spent countless hours upgrading their default avatar, clothing and accessory settings to create their own distinctive look. Remember, if you leave it the way you bought it, then you will look like everyone else who chose to purchase the same item. MODA training teaches you how to take what you buy and make it yours!

FACES is about showcasing the undeniable beauty of individuals in the Second Life community by providing:

* A Modeling Agency with experienced and professional models, as well as Runway Show Planning, Coordinating and Hosting
* Image Consulting Services to help take your style to the next level
* Fashion Blog for the latest releases, reviews, and suggestions on inventory coordination
* Monthly Fashion Magazine spotlighting the fashion industry

The FACES agency will share space on the newly opened Glam.

Good luck guys!


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