Looking Good in SL For Less

I remember being told by Jujudoll Dancer, CEO of MODA Fashions SL, on my first day of training at MODA modeling school, that being well dressed in SL should not cost a fortune. I have to say that at the time, I was a little skeptical. However, over the months, I am learning that she was of course correct – as always.

Join An Update Group
One of the best ways to look good on the cheap in SL is to join the update group of your favorite designer. Once in a group, you will usually be the first to know of upcoming sales, fashion shows, freebies, lucky draws or in the case of Sh*t Happens, designs in production. Ana Boogiewoogie, owner of Sh*t Happens, regularly has special offers for the update group and she actively involves her update group in her design process.

Hunt For Treasure
Fellow MODA model, Payton Heron, turned up at a recent modeling session in some amazing stilettos. When I asked her where they were from, she kindly informed me that she had obtained them from Mary Jane Shoes’ Halloween Treasure Hunt. The hunt has 13 little pumpkins scattered around the main store, each pumpkin contains a pair of high quality shoes. One pumpkin has bowling shoes for guys. So for about 1 hour worth of work, you too can have 13 pairs of shoes absolutely free. Here is a sample of my Mary Jane Shoes treasure. I have to warn you, the pumpkins are not easy to find, but well worth the search.

Honestly, treasure hunts are a great way to get free stuff. I agree, you cannot vouch for the quality of what you get and you have to put some effort into the search and you cannot guarantee what’s in the treasure. But it FREE! Also these hunts are a good way to get to know a designer and their store -since you’ll be spending alot of time roaming the store.

Hey Girlfriend!
I am sure you are asking, how do I find out about these hunts? Join a group…..duh! My current group for treasure hunts etc., is Hey Girlfriend. The group is open to anyone. More importantly, the members are more than happy to share whatever information they can about a hunt. So do not delay…..there are great treasures out there waiting for you.


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