Getting to Know….Zeek Agnon

Behind the scenes at a successful agency such as MODA Fashion SL are the less visible team members who devote a lot of time and effort in ensuring the success of the organization.

We want to shine the spotlight on one such individual, Zeek Agnon. Zeek is a MODA Spotlight Model and a member of the MODA Modeling School team.

She came to Second Life over 2 years ago, “looking for a world were I could explore all possibilities and make friends from many different styles and personalities”.

Zeek joined MODA Fashion SL in June 2007, “to learn modeling, fashion and make friends in SL’s fashion industry”. She feels that modeling has allowed her to express herself in many more ways than she normally would.

She loves the fact that MODA encourages models to participate and help other models, thereby creating a supportive environment for models to grow and learn.Her advice for those interested in modeling is to take modeling courses and jump in head first.

At MODA Modeling School, what you learn is well worth the time and commitment. Zeek stresses that although modeling takes a great deal of time and commitment, it is always rewarding and satisfying.

Zeek’s favorite designers are Calla for hair – because she loves the tints; Shiny Things – because she loves the realism of the shoes, and Indyra Originals for her sassy, sensual clothes.

Modeling is not Zeek’s only occupation in SL, she also owns a small store called Glitter Bug, where she sells shapes and other items she has built.

Hair -Shelley by Adam n Eve; Clothes -London by Indrya Originals; Skin – Eva Sunkiss-Night by INSOLENCE


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