THINK PINK: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are all being urged to Think Pink. In support of Breast Cancer Awareness, MODA model and Miss Liquid Heat 2007, Akasha Divisadero, will be hosting several events at her BCA Garden of Hope. Check here for further details on a fashion show and charity auction that is being planned for the weekend of 28th Oct.

Think Pink is not just for October, as Akasha patiently informed me, it is “a state of mind” – for us to always remember to do our self-examinations and our yearly mammograms.

Every October, Akasha puts up pink ribbons in her hometown to raise awareness. Last year, as she decorated her town, she heard a little child ask his dad about the ribbons and the father replied that it was to “stop Mum getting breast cancer”. For Aksaha, thats one incident made her work all the more worthwhile, here she was raising awareness in a young child.

Chayanna Thatcher of Eclectic Eclipse has very kindly donated a gorgeous pink gown for Think Pink. The gown, called Reckless Pink, is modeled here by Akasha Divisadero and is available free from the BCA Garden of Hope. Tip: it’s on the left side to the tea house entrance.

If putting up pink ribbons in your hometown is not for you, you can do your part by supporting BCA Garden of Hope when you pick up your free gown! Every little bit helps.


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