**FRESH** news :: =RAC= Hair

I have never been so glad to join a Subscribe-o-Matic group as I was when I joined =RAC=’s group. Normally known for skins, =RAC= has branched out into hair and clothing. I received an update this morning with their new line of hair and was immediately compelled to check them out, and oh. my. goodness.

Their textures are unbelievably soft and realist. Wearing my new =RAC= hair now, I just want to pet it. Mmmm soft.. pet..

Ahem, anyway.

They ARE very expensive, at $400L for just one color but I think it was worth breaking my bank this afternoon.

The first one I’ll show, and my favorite, is Darling in Black. I not only took several pictures from the front, I took one from the back as well so you can see just how fine the texture really is. The hair is a mixture of flexi and sculpty, I especially love how the hair falls naturally behind my shoulders, without going through them.

I also picked up a few others to show off as well, this next one is their $10L special, called Fling II which comes with ALL of their colors in one pack. Very cute for what’s basically a freebie.

This next style is Champagne, which is a lovely, loose updo with plenty of whispies coming out of it. Elegant and yet informal enough to wear out shopping.

Next up is Touche, a very darling set of pigtails. Normally I don’t go for pigtails but again, the texture makes this do a must-have for casual outfits.

Last but not least is Biscuit, very high up on my list of favorites from =RAC=. Like Champagne, it’s a loose updo, but this one is mostly sculpty, a little wispier, and very casual.

Stop by =RAC= city and check out the entire line, along with their clothing for both men and women, and of course, their extremely realistic skins.

Oh and also:

Top = Jenny Fresh by Tuli
Skin = Freckled Seren Fresh Sol Skin Ton Visage by Sin Skins
Eyes = Lost Deep Blue by Naughty
Lashes = Cake Bedroom Eyes

I apologize to Firefox readers out there, Blogspot hates me and hates Firefox and I cannot format these things so they look the same between Firefox and IE. 😦


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