Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so when my friend Kallyfaith Rolland of K.O. Designs asked me to review some of her costumes, I could not refuse! All of Kally’s costumes are slightly more risque than some, but that’s what makes them fun.

She gave me many, many costumes to try so I chose 3 for the MODA blog, and I will review another three on my own Blog later today, here.

First, I reviewed Snow White. My first thought was “Snow White is SASSY!” And she is! Snow White comes with a rose, the hair, the top, glitch pants, flexi skirt, and even the shoes! Kally goes the extra mile with her costumes, creating hair and shoes for the package as much as she can.

Next up is my personal favorite, Tinkerbell. She’s already dressed pretty scantily so this isn’t too much more revealing but there is a nice bit of belly showing 🙂 The flexi wings she comes with are LOVELY, and she also includes shoes (white puffballs included) and hair. As an added bonus, the wand has a star poofer inside for lovely sparkles.

Last but not least is Naughty Leia. One glance will tell you just why she is so naughty! She also includes hair and thigh-high laced boots. (Gun not included).

K.O. Designs has really geared up for Halloween, they have completely re-designed their store and Club Pulse in the spirit of the holiday, and they also have a fantastic haunted Labyrinth, complete with contest! Touch the cauldron at their store for more details.

To visit K.O. Designs on the Colombia sim, just click this link: secondlife://Colombia/56.8002/34.8467/128

Happy Halloween!!


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