Millage Valenti – Thoughtful Hair Designs

Millage Valenti, a small “casual luxury shopping mall” in Mbokomu, is the brainchild of Arwen Epin, an experienced and talented Academy of Second Life instructor, turned designer. For over 6 months, Arwen has been teaching aspiring hair designers at ASL.

To have lasted that long at anything in SL is an achievement, so you can be certain that with Millage hair you are likely to get some of the best hair textures, SL money can buy.

Arwen makes her own hair textures, something she considers a ‘must’ for any budding hair designer. The fact that she has so far trained over 400 students at ASL, is a testament to the importance of hair design in SL culture.

When I asked Arwen, why she thought SL might need another hair designer, her answer was simply, “I make my own textures”. In other words, there is always room for more creativity when it comes to hair textures in SL.

Millage was brought to my attention by a fellow MODA model and close friend of the designer, Francesca Balogh. Francesca is an experienced SL model, so when she mentioned Millage, I agreed to conduct a review.

Francesca is shown here modeling three designs, HRA-002, HRA-007, HRA-011. You get 17 colours when you purchase a reasonably priced hair pack. Because as Arwen says, “You should get all the colors you need to match an outfit”. Well if that does not impress you, maybe that fact this busy designer also accepts custom work, might.

The most striking of the designs is HRA-011 (shown above right), with its thick curtain of straight long black hair. This hair is stunning and it moves beautifully. As you would expect, Arwen aims for realism in her designs and you can see this in the other two designs shown here, the wispy, face-framing HRA-007 (shown left) and the flattering HRA-002 pony-tail (shown below). With Millage Valenti, expect solid textures that will not let you down.

I met up with Arwen as she was putting finishing touches to the mall. She told me about her decision not to tag her designs with real life names, such as Heather, Eva, Jared etc, as is currently the vogue with many SL designers.

Instead, all her designs are numbered with a neutral HRAXXX tag making them very easy to find in an overflowing inventory. Shopping Cart Disco has been having a great discussion on the impact of poorly labeled items on inventory search. The enthusiasm with which this topic is being discussed, shows that this is not trivial. So thank you Arwen, for helping us manage our ever-growing inventories!


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