Creativity and SL Music

Adding a DJ to our fashion shows has made a world of difference at MODA. They bring excitement as they customize the music to fit the show. They add to the mood as they describe the models and what they are wearing. At MODA we do everything we can to encourage and contribute to the creativity of Second Life.

While not a fashionista, Cher Harrington is also contributing to creativity in SL by broadcasting an all Second Life Live Artist station, which is currently streaming songs from artists such as Charles Coleman, Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico, Rich Desoto, Mel Cheeky, Ronnie Carr, Virtual Live Band, Hep Shepherd, Smily Raymaker, Kurt Jano, Melvin Took, Soundcircl, Silas Scarborough, UFS Hyde, Blue4U, Kaklik Martin, Lyndon Heart, and more!

The SL Live Artist station runs 24/7. A Creative Commons license is available for viewing at myspace.com/radiocher. It is commercial-free and it is her way of giving back to the SL Live Music Community. If you are a Second Life Live Artist and would like to submit songs to Radio Cher, please email them in mp3 format to cher_sl[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Thanks, Cher!!


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