Alchemy – Gowns for Girls

The other day I was tping around, following a fun trail of fashion notices, when I came upon a delightful store called Alchemy. I had only spent a few minutes at the store when the owner, Constanza Volare appeared. She asked about my skin and said she was doing a makeover for a friend.

As with all the SL fashion designers I have met, I love learning about the person behind the designs. Constanza was very open and provided a lot of information about herself. She is a London-based graphic designer in RL and she came to SL because she “read there was the possibility of creating content and that seemed very interesting to me and decided to check it out”.

At the moment, Alchemy produces beautiful gowns and evening wear, like the one I am wearing, called Serendipity. I love the chocolate color, the flirty, girly layers of white peeking out from under the skirt and how the dress moves when I walk. Constanza is definitely influenced by her Chilean ancestry and she is not afraid of vibrant color, as you will notice when you visit the store.

The store itself is worth a mention, it’s minimalist and spacious, so no bumping into grey, unrezzed, lag-inducing displays. Look out for a framed picture in the corner on a table, turns out it’s a picture of Constanza’s mum, also a designer in RL. Alchemy is working on a casual line for women and intends to branch out into men’s wear in the not too distant future. Alchemy also sells shoes by Isobel DeSantis of Angels, made specifically to match Alchemy gowns. Look for a possible feature on Alchemy in one of our regular spotlights or showcases.

Dress: Serendipity in Chocolate by Alchemy
Skin: Minnu dark skingloss-nature
Shoes: Charlotte by X3D
Hair: Eva II in Ebony by ETD


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