It’s all about love.love.love

I only recently discovered the joys of update groups. Unfortunately, at the same time I discovered that a limit of 25 is in no way enough for all the groups I would like to receive updates from! This has forced me to be really selective about who is included in my list.

One of the more favored groups on my precious list is the “update group for everything love.love.love”. Love.love.love is a quirky, pretty little gem of a store located in beautiful Michief Cove. It is owned by Roberta Beauchamp. As with all the update notices I get these days, I was thrilled to receive Roberta’s notice informing me (and the rest of the update group!) that she had just completed the rest of her fall line consisting of “…hand drawn coats, sweaters, dresses and hats for the brisk autumn evenings in SL!”.

I instantly tped to the store with a friend. In the blink of an eye, my friend had bought this eye-catching, off-the-shoulder, belted grey dress that would instantly identify anyone as an SL fashionista (see below). Roberta is very approachable and was kind enough to inform me, on questioning, that the dress is made of a “cotton and nylon blend”, intended to drape gently on the body. Best of all, if this dress is a little out of your price range, you can try the rack of quality discounts at the store.

Model: Yumi Darkes
Dress: Tres Magnifique by love.love.love
Skin: Golden Tone in Classic by Cake
Hair: Tiffany in Black by Aden
Boots: Bloom in Black by Maitreya


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