Introducing Fann Hyun…MODA Supermodel

As promised, we are bringing you the outfits worn by another of the MODA supermodels during the Miss SL Tropics pageant that took place last weekend. Fann Hyun is an experienced SL model who openly admits that she comes to in-world “to escape from work stress and to realize my childhood dreams of working as a model”. In RL, she is a high-powered banker. Fann has a stunning avi and she loves SL because she “can model, learn, shop, and meet people from all over the globe”. She sounds like my kind of girl.

Although Fann was a late entrant into the competition, that did not stop her from putting together some of the most elegant and beautifully accessorized outfits of the pageant. Look at the outfit she chose for the swimwear category, it’s an asymmetrically cut swimsuit called Sea Leopard Split in Green from DellyciousWear. Fann accessorized this sexy swimsuit with Silvergold Trefoil leather Choker and Earrings by the same designer.

When it came to casualwear, Fann went for the very pretty Summer Garden Dress with matching shoes from ZVZ Ultra Violet Fashions. This dress is overflowing with spring flowers and features a beautifully sheer flouncy prim overskirt and a dramatic V-shaped bodice. Fann accessorized this sweet flower outfit with Chunky Silver Bangles from Second Mirage, and Amber Drop Chain dangle earrings and Amber Very Long Triple Drop chain from Shiny Things.

It was in the formal category that Fann’s skill for accessorizing really shone through. Starting with the bejewelled Mystic – Skylark with Winter Amethyst Gems gown by Sherona Degroot of *DG* Innovations (see below), Fann added two simple items to complete the outfit; the Queen Heidi Armband by the very talented Alienbear Gupta of Alienbear Designs and earrings from the Trilogy set by JoJo Designs Jewelery. These accessories completed the stunning sky blue evening gown with its lace trim and ethereally flowing silk flyaways – to produce a truly a fabulous modern look.I really admire those who know what to add to complete an outfit. If you are one of those people let us know and what the trick is in your opinion. Our Fann definitely knows how to make and complete an outfit….wouldn’t you agree?


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