Winning Isn’t Everything

OK….maybe that’s not always true…but I caught your attention. So, I attended the 2007 Miss SL Tropics pageant on Sunday, to support my fellow MODA models selected to take part in the competition. The pageant setting was spectacular…with spectators lying on colorful beach towels, sunbathing in front of a huge water sculpture suspended over the sea. The stage was setup so that the competitors walked up from the seabed, literally walking on water and onto a platform containing a very large blue oyster shell. Mermaids and mermen judges, unfortunately, had to contend with crashing around in the waves that lashed against the sculpture. It’s a wonder they got any judging done!

The regal Summer Deadlight – DJ and neko – took home the coveted prize…..Congratulations Summer! I have to say that ALL the ladies in the competition were beautiful and winners in my eyes. You could tell that a lot of work had gone into preparing for the event – not least picking the right outfits and poses. What was especially nice was learning about the competitors RL accomplishments. I’m in awe of all these amazing ladies.

Our very own role model (pun intended!), Makeda Cole took part in this stunning pa
geant. Throughout the competition, Makeda, was poised and elegant as she modeled outfits specifically created for the pageant.

For the Swimsuit category, Makeda wore this gorgeous Tropicana swimsuit (shown above) from DellyciousWear. With its turquoise print with orange hibiscus flowers, matching Tropicana sarong, and a hibiscus flower for the hair, Tropicana leather and bead anklet, necklace and armlet as accessories, this ensemble was a tropical delight. It was also one of the few outfits that did not to clash with the very blue oyster shell.

Makeda’s choice for the Chic Casual Category was a custom dress by Grace Winnfield Designs. There were gasps of “exquisite”, “beautiful” and “amazing” when Makeda emerged from the sea in this dress, a splash of vibrant tropical colors. Since Grace has a great posting and picture of the Printed Bandeau Dress on her blog, I saw no need to repeat it here. Click on the link and you will find more details about dress there.

For the final category of the competition – the Formal Gown – Makeda chose this breathtaking Sparkle Dust Gown by Sherona de Groot of Innovations (shown below) I am sure you will agree that Makeda is definitely a winner when it comes to style.

Over the next few days, we will try to bring you a few more of the outfits worn by the other MODA models in the competition.


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