Summer Seduction Fashion Show

Summer Seduction: the MODA August Fashion Showcase is at 7:00 pm on August 23. Come and watch as the experienced MODA models join the MODA Modeling School graduates, with our guest announcer, SL DJ Mark Attenborough.

Mark Attenborough, the Voice of SL, is known for his smooth jazz and velvety voice. He will be providing the music and commentary for the show.

Confirmed designers include:

  • Innocently Evil
  • Mystikal Designs
  • Nova Designs
  • Sh*t Happens
  • Crucial Creations
  • Adam n Eve
  • Mojo Skins

“I’m so excited to have Innocently Evil return to our showcase events,” says Jujudoll Dancer, MODA’s Founder and Co-CEO. “Nyte’s work is always so fun to look at and even more fun to wear. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us this time! No, I really don’t know…”

Mystikal Faddoul of Mystikal Hair Designs says she “strives to create hair that is unusual, quirky, and has a sense of humor or drama about it”. The designer has a fiercely loyal following, who appreciate her originality. Mystikal is keen to point out that her textures are chosen specifically for their sheen. After receiving requests for bald hair, Mystikal created the Baldie, a follow-up to The Combover, another humorous design. Mystikal is also known for her mastery of the curl, see the loose curls in Flexi Saturday and compare to the tight curls tin the stunning Rollergirl. The designer recently opened a new main store at in Bali Loa.

Nova Lustre started as a jewelry designer, motivated by her real life designs, but became impressed by all the beautiful and unusual clothing in Second Life. “I find that the possibilities are only limited by time and imagination,” she says. She specializes in affordable high fashion.

All the models are talking about their outfits from Sh*t Happens. Smart and funky, these designs will turn heads wherever you go. Where else in SL can you go when you skin your knee and need a bandage (and a kiss to make it better)? Ana Boogiewoogie is SL’s Mistress of the Unexpected.

A creative professional with extensive Second Life business and design experience, Crucial Armtiage has helped many in their Second Life success. Crucial has been designing and selling her clothing and footwear since September 2004. Crucial Creations Clothing has established a reputation for unique, affordable clothing, in addition to architecture and landscaping with expertise and style. Do the dark side in style!

Adam n Eve is the perfect designer if you really don’t like shopping because they do it all for you. They have skins, shapes, hair, casual and formal clothes, lingerie and accessories. They enjoy helping newbies do a complete makeover. Watch for their distinctive look.

Mojo skins (formerly Au Naturel) by Laura Leandros rounds out our list of designers. Mojo is showing how well her skins match with shapes by Innocently Evil and hair by Mystikal Designs.


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