EROS Designs – The Secret of Love

My apologies to EROS Designs. Our recent fashion show ran longer than expected and we didn’t realize that the TV coverage would just end like Cinderella at midnight. So the EROS fashions didn’t get the exposure they so richly deserve.

From left to right we have me, Makeda Cole, Noelle Canning and Calveen Kline all modeling EROS’ Chardon in white and red. “Chardon” was a fabric made for royalty, including beautiful silk damask, regally embroidered in gold. Chardon is matched for both men and women in colors suitable for the caste colors of roleplaying areas. The women’s gowns include two skirt styles and matching shoes. The men’s outfits include a matching regal cape.

What I love most about these outfits is the way they fit without looking like a spandex suit. Aside from the fact that men don’t tend to buy clothes, the male form is difficult to design for. Second Life tends to make clothing envelop the body like Clingwrap, which looks wonderful on a woman, but comical for a man’s suit. EROS’ clothing fits like the luxurious cloth that it is. Add to that the delicate gold work and you have an outfit worth getting married in. Keth and Uda Mommsen are truly masters of the craft.

Check out Urbanity, their cool new Jazz Club!


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