July Showcase

Hey Fashionistas, Fashion Survivors and MODA fans!

The next MODA Fashion Showcase is on Thursday, July 26, 2007 from 8:00 to 10:00 pm SL time – go to Second Life Cable Network

All designers that would like to showcase their items please contact Jujudoll Dancer ASAP, but no later then July 23rd at 6pm SLT. We need all entries to stick to that deadline as nothing after that date will be accepted. These events have been popular and we welcome anyone to take part, especially Beach Wear and Goth Wedding apparel. Hope to see you all there.

The broadcast will be available on the SLCN web site for months after the actual show. This is a great advertising opportunity!

Confirmed designers include:

Dellyicious Wear
Barefoot Men’s Designs
Nocturnal Threads
EROS Designs

“We were so excited with Dellybean North’s designs,” says Jujudoll Dancer, MODA’s Founder and Co-CEO. “They’re casual and fun, perfect for summer.”

Jeremey Ryan, of Barefoot Design, brings a fresh perspective to the line up. His men’s shorts are sure to attract attention on the beach. Ryan is a strong supporter of the SL Gay Pride movement, which shows in his designs. His vibrant colors and classic designs will appeal to any man on the beach.

Clio Cardiff likes to live on the edge and her CCARD design show it. Sexy and fun, these are the perfect fashions for summer parties.

Fido Fudo, the owner of Fido Fashions, loves to have fun. Her deeply plunging necklines and high slits give her gowns an air of daring.

Ambergris Baphomet, the inspiration behind Deadly Fashions, wants to stir up your wedding. Any guy can pick up a free tuxedo at a casino, but show up in an Ambergris creation and you’re bound to turn heads. Darkly formal, these fashions are not limited to just the un-dead. Her wedding gowns also appeal to the dark and sexy side of human nature. “Till death do us part” takes on a whole new meaning with Ambergris.

Kaia Ennui’s Nocturnal Threads will take you by surprise. Ennui’s “Whisper” is the shock of the show. Don’t let the name fool you. This male and female matching outfit will bring out your inner vamp.

Keth Mommsen’s gowns are dangerous. The owner of EROS Designs, Mommsen uses detachable skirts to move from splendiferous to sultry. Handle her fashions with care. Spontaneous combustion has been known to occur. These gowns shimmer with elegance and sparkle with creativity. Her men’s outfits speak of oppulence and grandeur, an updated image of the gentleman.

For more photos from the June showcase, go here!


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