Beach Day

This post comes from Jujudoll Dancer, CEO of the MODA Modeling School. Normally Juju’s working with designers, setting up classes or scouting locations, but even a busy CEO has to relax some time!

I’ve been needing a Beach Day lately. You know, just one of those days when all you have to do is decide what kind of fun to have. I was recently reminded of that a few days ago when a friend introduced me to surfing in SL. We had a blast, and I would love to find time to go back, but for the first time in SL, I was also having a wardrobe crisis. I realized that I own 1 fabulous bikini to wear on the beach, and really nothing to wear to the beach. (Everyone knows we can’t just run around in our bikini’s, right?) It’s a girl thing.

I fell in love with this dress immediately when I found Julex at closeout sale. I guess when a designer has a closeout sale, she really means it because the creator of the Julex line seems to have left SL. Still, I love colors and fun textures and this simple sundress is so very … Summer. To give it the full Beach Day look though, I needed to find the perfect beach hat, which actually required some serious shopping. While there are quite a few new hat designers, now that sculpties are here, but this one came from Tesla, and it’s the perfect hat. What I love most about this hat is that no matter how I resize it, it always seems to be a perfect fit. Thank you SL for Sculpties! The Swank beach bag has color-change petals in case I need to put it with another outfit. The shoes were harder to find. So many of the straw and wood textures end up being too bright to really accentuate anything but themselves. Shiny Things, once again, has saved the day with these cute little Cool Summer Wedges in white. And they match!

For the jewelry, I was unsuccessful at finding a matching set of anything fabulous with daisies. So as usual, I mixed and made them work. The Aquamarine Gold Flower Bracelet is from Elexor Matador Jewelry, the White Gold & Aqua Flower Necklace is a treasure from A Fantasy Emporium and the earrings are made by me our of frustration and lack of better options for purchase.

With this ensemble, I am now officially ready for the beach! Ok, maybe not any beach, it has to have shopping on it 😉

Shoes: Shiny Things “Cool Summer Wedges”
Jewelry: Elexor Matador Jewelry “Aquamarine Gold Flower Bracelet”
A Fantasy Emporium “White Gold & Aqua Flower Necklace”
Hat: Tesla “Straw Hat”
Dress: Julex (Discontinued)


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