Not Just a T-Shirt!

Bayley Boucher and I met again at a Wings training session. I LOVED her outfit and told her so. I think you will love it too.

I am a model in Second Life and models get a lot of free clothes. However, the ones I write about in this blog will be, for the most part, ones I have purchased for myself. (I will tell you if I write about something that was a freebie.)

When shopping for clothes, I love to mix things up a bit. For instance, I like to mix opposites: old and new; vintage and mod; formal and casual and I especially like to mix silver and gold.

I fell in love with the Celebrity t-shirt outfits over at Glow Designs one day last week and I have been wearing my new outfit all around Second Life ever since.

These t-shirts, with detachable collars and rolled up sleeves, have famous faces on the front and back and a simply adorable fancy flexi skirt to go with.

There are many celebs to choose from: Johnny Depp, Sean Connery, the rock band Queen, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Luciano Pavarotti….even the governator, “Arnold”! I chose the Christopher Walken one and I just love it. I take Chris with me everywhere. (Afterall, he is running for President.) And, yes, ladies…the boobs add a certain 3-d effect to the image…lol! (Oh…I shouldn’t have said that…that’s naughty.) Heeheee!

You can wear the t-shirt with shorts or jeans also, of course…but I just have too much fun wearing that bouncy skirt! In these photos I have worn the outfit with some La Parisienne gold glitchie pants. (Love that gold with silver!)

The only thing that could make this outfit better is if I could wear it in rl. Oh, well…you can’t have everything. At least, somebody told me that once….would love to prove them wrong!


p.s.: Be sure to visit the designer’s Formal Wear and Limited Edition Fashions building also. She is famous for her fancy duds and they are wonderful.

Outfit: Christopher Walken “t-shirt and Flexi skirt” – Glow
Designs/TanyA Wakaonna, designer.
La Parisienne “gold glitchie pants”

Hakuna Matata Glow Designs Marke

Hakuna Matata Illumesin Shop


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