Ready for Play

Bayley Boucher has to be one of the happiest people I know. She makes outfits positively glow. Don’t ask me how she does it. Her personality just shines through the pixels.

Wow…what a hectic week I’ve had. Modeling, writing, teaching, learning, building, shows to go to, places to be, things to do….

I was in serious need of some downtime….I needed to play.

Fortunately, I found just the perfect outfit for it.

I happend upon a new shop (new to me, anyway)
in Alhena named Adored Clothing.

When you teleport there, you land in a grassy courtyard surrounded by four categories of Adored shopping: 1) Casual, 2) Formal, 3) Bridal and 4) Hair. They have everything from shortie nighties to that very special little black cocktail dress you’ve been searching everywhere for.

Being new to Adored, I selected one outfit to try out. It is this ‘adorable’ play suit called “Mabel”. The cutest flexi flair long shorts with pockets and trim, front and back and a top in two lengths to coordinate.

Mabel comes in 4 color cominations and there is a price break if you purchase all four. Next to the Mabel poster, conveniently, there are Mabel Color Changing Shoes with a seperate color changing bow in back. (I had to get those also, of course…..) I even had fun tinting the ribbon in my hair to match the outfit. So, now I’m all set for a relaxing afternoon off and some much needed gardening.

(If only I could figure out how to take that “IM” key off the hook!) Well….guess it’s time for the Busy Button.



Outfit: AmySue Shirakawa “Adored’s Mabel”
Shoes: AmySue Shirakawa “Adored’s Mabel Color Changing Shoes”
Hair: Tami McCoy’s “Kate”.
Skin: Bare-Minimum “Alady”
Bracelet: Bayley Boucher


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