The Skin I’m In

At modeling school Makeda Cole was full of surprises. It wasn’t just that she had a large clothes wardrobe, it was also the way her whole look expressed her mood. She was the first one of us to get a professional gig, the first (as far as I know) to sign with an agency. She’s going places! But in this post, she talks about how she started.

The Skin I’m In…

Well, here I am, my first day in SL working hard on creating my character. Finally, I am presentable to enter this SL world I heard so much about from friends in TSO (The SimsOnline). Venturing out, I roamed the land. One day, standing clueless as I did so well, this avatar landed in front of me. Wow, what a fine specimen!

I pushed myself into him trying to get a good look. I was drooling under his shadow in awe of his good looks. Then suddenly, he teleports his woman between us and she is impeccable as well. She is very friendly and they both offer me friendship. He instructs her to give me some education and leaves us to girly talk. She is curvaceous and well endowed. She had it all –the hair, the attitude, the booty, curves in all the right places and the dark skin. Man! I was identifying. She tossed me some clothes and a skin called Malibu. We part and I immediately go to work on my body to acquire that well endowed curvaceous body.

Now I am really looking good until I step in a store. Confusion set in. I had a difficult time deciding what would look good on my avie. I couldn’t get past the pencil thin models. They just didn’t look like me. Determined, I shopped till that last right click says no more funds and headed back to give my partner a show. The clothes didn’t look right on me and the colors were wrong. Well, he loves my full curves, but the outfits he hated and he announces my skin was not what it should be –dark. He knows how I angst over the right skin tone and not being pencil thin or too big. He took a photo of me nude. I gasp and he give me this big ass grin. Just like a man! He is bias! I go into a slump, a identify crisis. He listens and sighs. Tirelessly I hit the stores again. I don’t want to be just a clone; I am on a mission to find ME. 2 years later and an inventory full of shapes and skins, I am happy in my body and enjoy dressing it. I have found the middle ground and a nice booty.

I am sure the above is a scenario all too familiar with many first starting out in SL. I have observed avies in various shapes, sizes and skin tones. All are an expression of themselves whether it is fantasy, an imitation of themselves in RL or just the desire to create their own identify. I love it when I see that avie with the thighs, booty has the right amount of curve, full lips with an attitude and dressed to play it all off. I smile and think YOU GO GURL!!

(visit Makeda Cole at http://makedacole.blogspot.com/ or in game at Cole Photography Studio)

Makeda’s Clothes

Jewelry: Kitten’s Kreations “Diamond Studded Bracelets”

Hair: Calico Creations “Liz”

Shoes: Kitten’s Kreations “Double Paw Buckle Boots”

Outfit: Mischief Designs “**Mis** Late for Class”


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